Our range of gourmet produce is manufactured on Kangaroo Island using a wide range of locally grown ingredients. We use no artificial additives and follow an uncompromising seasonal ethos with taste and texture the ultimate goal. Our wide range compliments other locally farmed and produced ingredients such as Lamb, Seafood, Cheese and Olive Oils. 

We currently stock our products at...
Penneshaw IGA
Tourism Kangaroo Island
Dudley Wines Cellar Door
Sunset Winery
Island Beehive
Rustic Blue

Island Pure Sheep Dairy

Oyster Farm Shop 

Island Pure KI Stall Central Markets 

Selected IGA's and Foodlands around Adelaide

To order any of the products below, or to enquire about bulk or wholesale prices, please call 8553 1041 or email info@kangarooislandsource.com.au  

Medium Rogan Josh

Traditionally using lamb on the bone is combined with the intense flavours of cardamoms, cloves, garlic and a mild chilli which gives the dish its rich dark reddish brown colour. Try South Rock Lamb, Kangaroo Islands best.

Hot Vindaloo

The king of curries, the fiery Indian Vindaloo is from the former Portuguese colony of Goa. The name is derived from the Portuguese words for vinegar and garlic, the dishes primary ingredients and is traditionally used with beef.

Moroccan Harissa

Found throughout North Africa, this fiery spice should be used in small doses. Traditional accompaniment to tagines it can also be used to flavours meats and vegetables.

Mediterranean Salt & Pepper Mix

A delicious blend of Mediterranean sea salt, local herbs & Chilli and a selection of different peppers. Perfect for squid, prawns and fish or as a seasoning for roast meats & vegetables. Talk to Tina at KI Fresh Seafood for friendly advice.

Almond Dukka

Egyptian in origin, Dukka is a blend of toasted nuts, seeds and spices. Usually eaten with bread and olive oil, Dukka can also be sprinkled over meats, salads and vegetables and can be used to crumb chicken or fish. For a rich & fragrant oil contact Kangaroo Island Olive Oil Co.

Chilli Coriander Chutney

This Indian style chutney with its fresh coriander, rich ginger and spicy chilli is traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to curry but tastes great with just about anything. Use with roast lamb, rub over chicken or on your favourite sandwich.

Mexican Jalapeño Hot Sauce 250g

Made with green jalapeños, coriander and cumin this spicy sauce is delicious with any Mexican dish, especially enchiladas!

Honey Chilli Hot Sauce

A classic blend of Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honey and fresh chilli, this delicious sauce is ideal for tossing with noodles, vegetables, chicken or seafood. Great for dipping potstickers or spring rolls. 

Mild Butter Chicken

This creamy Butter Chicken spice mix is mild in spices which makes it great for the whole family. 

Fuego Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is great with seafood, chicken, meat and vegetables or enjoy with a Bloody Mary.