We are available to cater for your next gathering whether it’s a casual BBQ, formal drinks party, corporate luncheon, or a simple sunset picnic for two.

Our menus are designed to reflect the seasons of Kangaroo Island so you know you are eating only the freshest and the very best our region has to offer. Reintroducing the natural flavours of the soil and the sea, Kangaroo Island Source brings international food and wine experience to the Island and its visitors. Our menus are available for a romantic dinner for 2 or a formal occasion for many.

Our Commitment to Regional Produce

Our range of gourmet produce is manufactured on Kangaroo Island using a wide range of locally grown ingredients. We use no artificial additives and follow an uncompromising seasonal ethos with taste and texture the ultimate goal. Our wide range compliments other locally farmed and produced ingredients such as Lamb, Seafood, Cheese and Olive Oils.