Kangaroo Island Source specialises in gourmet food production and catering.

All our ingredients and produce are hand selected and supplied by local producers who share in the same philosophy - food that encapsulates the freshness, quality and flavour of the Kangaroo Island region.

Kangaroo Island Source was established by Kate Sumner on her farm-based kitchen overlooking the picturesque town of Penneshaw. After returning to Australia from London, Kate fell in love with the pristine natural environment of Kangaroo Island, and developed a vision to create a food business that connected people with the clearest, cleanest, most natural expression of the Kangaroo Island region. Kangaroo Island Source feeds not only the body but also the mind.

Her 125 acre property incorporates an expansive vegetable and herb garden, olive trees, figs, berries and is home to many hereford cows, suffolk lambs and free range chickens. With this home-grown approach, Kate has created a range of spice pastes, rubs and relishes all of which are produced onsite.

By staying true to this vision Kate has earned herself a reputation as Kangaroo Island’s most produce driven chef. Kate was also the driving force behind the establishment of the growing Kangaroo Island Farmers Market and has been a mainstay in the Good Food Kangaroo Island group for many years.

Today Kate’s Kangaroo Island Source continues to bloom, specialising in gourmet food production, catering and a cooking school which focuses entirely on sourcing the best regional produce, treating it simply but respectfully and presenting it in a way that retains a ‘sense of place’ unique to Kangaroo Island.